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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Shop, collect points, and buy cheaper! Welcome to our loyalty program!

The rules are very simple. Every 2 PLN spent in our store equals one point in the loyalty program. Depending on the number of accumulated points, you will receive a permanent or one-time discount on your account. The discount will remain with you for life (yours or ours ;)).

We grant permanent discounts in the loyalty program according to the following table:

2000 PTK - 1.00% permanent discount 4000 PTK - 2.00% permanent discount 8000 PTK - 3.00% permanent discount 16000 PTK - 4.00% permanent discount 32000 PTK - 5.00% permanent discount

We grant one-time discounts in the loyalty program according to the following table:

1000 PKT - 5.00% 2000 PKT - 10.00% 4000 PKT - 15.00% 8000 PKT - 20.00%

How to earn additional points in the loyalty program?

25.00 PKT for reviewing a product 25.00 PKT for giving an opinion about a product 200.00 PKT for adding a photo to your review 50.00 PKT for rating an order 25.00 PKT for giving an opinion about an order 500.00 PKT for registered clients who subscribe to the newsletter (subscribe now

Additional program rules: If you want to use the program, don't forget that you must register in our store The discount is granted for all products (except for products on promotion) Points cannot be transferred (partially or entirely) to another account Discounts assigned to the account cannot be transferred to other users The discount does not cover shipping costs Points are credited to the individual customer account after placing and paying for the order within 3 working days The program discount can be combined with discount coupons. In case of a product return, the additional discount points are not refunded.

Not enough? Information on additional threshold and cumulative discounts can be found here:

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