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Pepper spray for bears, wild boars, wolves

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How to Deter Wild Animals? Grizzly Gel in Action!

Have you ever encountered a wild animal during your morning jog or forest walk? Wild boars, bears, and even aggressive dogs can pose unexpected threats. Today, we introduce a solution that can protect you and your loved ones - Grizzly Gel, a potent pepper spray gel from VESK brand and KKS GmbH manufacturer. Prepare for a safe adventure in the wilderness!

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Encountering a wild animal can be a terrifying experience, but with modern solutions like Grizzly Gel, you have a chance to defend yourself in critical situations. Understanding how this product works and when to use it can save lives.

What is Grizzly Gel?

Grizzly Gel is an innovative pepper spray gel designed for defense against wild animals such as bears, wild boars, or aggressive dogs. Available in three capacities: 63 ml, 200 ml, and 750 ml, each providing effective defense thanks to its highly reinforced formula of 4 million SHU, 20-26.4% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum), and 2.64-3.96% MC (Major Capsaicinoids).

How Does Grizzly Gel Work?

The product creates a long-distance irritant cloud that does not require precise aiming. Its advanced gel formula minimizes the risk of the irritating substance returning to the user, even in challenging weather conditions. Thus, Grizzly Gel is a reliable defense tool.

When to Use Grizzly Gel?

Grizzly Gel is intended for defense in situations where you encounter aggressive wild animals. Remember to always try to avoid confrontation and use the spray as a last resort.

Operating Instructions

  1. Carrying: Always carry Grizzly Gel in a way that allows for quick use.
  2. Container Protection: Protect it from mechanical damage and high temperatures.
  3. Usage: During defense, maintain a safe distance, aim the nozzle towards the animal's nostrils, without getting too close to it.
  4. After Use: It is recommended to purchase a new container, regardless of the remaining amount of substance.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Grizzly Gel safe for the user? Grizzly Gel pepper spray is considered safe for the user. Its special nozzle design prevents accidental spraying, increasing safety during use. The gel form in which this spray is available minimizes the risk of injury from the dispersion of the substance in the air. Additionally, gel-based spray is less susceptible to external factors such as wind, making it more effective and safer to use. It is intended for defense against animals, particularly wild ones, making it applicable not only for personal defense but also in situations of animal attack threat. However, it is recommended to exercise caution and familiarize oneself with the instructions before using the product.
  2. Can I use Grizzly Gel against humans? No, using Grizzly Gel against humans is dangerous. The use of the spray against people is prohibited! Neither the manufacturer nor the seller will be responsible for the consequences of using the product against humans!
  3. How effective is Grizzly Gel? Grizzly Gel is highly effective due to its strong formula and gel application method. Grizzly Gel pepper spray for bears is an uncompromising self-defense tool against wild animals, characterized by a powerful force of 4,000,000 SHU, effectively preventing animal approach. It is the strongest solution available on the market, primarily aimed at individuals needing effective defense in encounters with wolves, bears, wild boars, and other wildlife.
  4. How long does Grizzly Gel last? The effects of bear spray are immediate. Grizzly Gel, being the strongest hand-held pepper spray gel on the market, is intended to protect physically active individuals. The effects of pepper spray use can last from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the size of the wild animal, which is usually sufficient to deter the animal.
  5. Is Grizzly Gel legal? Yes, Grizzly Gel is legal for use as a defense against wild animals.


Grizzly Gel provides the most effective protection against threats from wild animals. However, remember that this is a last resort, and you should always try to avoid dangerous encounters. Safety in nature begins with awareness and proper preparation. We encourage caution during adventures in the wilderness and wish you safe travels.

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