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Pepper gases

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Pepper gas is an excellent solution when you do not have the conditions or skills to be able to defend yourself with your bare hands. Whether we're talking about attackers, aggressive animals, it's good to have the sense of security that a well-chosen pepper spray provides. An added advantage is that most containers can be easily carried whether in a pocket or somewhere easily accessible. This is a very important issue for those who do not want to flaunt their means of defense. In Sharg's online store you will find a stun gas with an action tailored to your self-defense skills, as well as personal preferences.

The rules of defense with pepper spray are simple

Point the nozzle outlet towards the attacker's head, press down and a stream of gas with a high content of irritant substances (usually capsaicin) causes strong irritation of the area around the eyes, respiratory system. An attacker who is blind and has difficulty breathing is no longer threatening which allows us to escape or call for help.

What to keep in mind when choosing a pepper spray for self-defense?

Any gas for defense is better than none. However, it is worth remembering that the choice of this product should not be random. In order for the stun gas to be fully reliable, it is necessary to pay attention to several important aspects when purchasing it.

It is worth starting with the form of the product. Nowadays, you can find tear gases on the market in cloud or gel form. The former have been available in stores for years, and owe their popularity to their low price. However, it is worth remembering that pepper gases in the form of a cloud even require perfect, ideal conditions. They are highly susceptible to wind, which can easily lead to situations in which the user incapacitates not the attacker, but... himself or herself. Pepper gas in this form should not be used by an amateur in self-defense. Alternative? Stun gel gas for self-defense is a much safer form of this product. It is suitable even for people who have never come into contact with this type of product before. Gel gas has an effect very similar to that of a cloud. The difference lies in the consistency of the product itself - it is much heavier, so its particles are less dispersed. Gel gas available at Sharg store only requires aiming at attacker's face. The user does not have to worry about factors such as wind direction or room size. Defensive gas in gel form also adheres to attacker's skin. What it means? Whenever the attacker rubs his eyes, the product that has settled on his hands or facial skin will further intensify the burning sensation. Pepper gas for defense in gel form also causes skin irritation. However, it is worth remembering that this product does not cause any permanent damage to health. Defensive pepper spray - even strong ones - stop working after a certain amount of time or the use of a special decontamination wipe.

The capacity of the protective gas is also important. Many people find that they don't need a large package at all because "it's a quiet area, why a bigger one". However, it is worth remembering that the 12ml mini pepper gas guarantees full protection against max. one or two less aggressive attackers. This variant is suitable for those who know other self-defense techniques or are looking for something to "scare" the aggressor with. Police gas 50 ml, on the other hand, is optimally efficient and handy enough. This amount of product is easily enough to incapacitate several attackers. It is a suitable pepper gas for your purse, jacket pocket or pouch. But what if one frequently encounters aggressive individuals, for example, while working as a security guard? Large pepper spray - i.e., 150ml capacity - will be the right choice. However, it is worth remembering that this product is not very handy, and therefore requires the purchase of a specialized holster.

A good pepper spray should also be ergonomic and completely tailored to its user. Example? Women inherently have smaller hands than men. Pepper gas large can therefore fit in their hands inappropriately, which usually leads to the loss of precious seconds in adjusting the grip. Many people also opt for gadgets in the form of guns that throw a cloud of irritant. They are effective but difficult to store. The best gas for self-defense that will work in any situation is the one in the form of a traditional hand-held jet thrower. However, it is worth looking at models from different manufacturers and their packaging. You can buy Police Magnum, Militaria or any other brand of gas in a grenade-like form with an ergonomic button that releases the product stream.

Pepper gas in SHARG.EN

Our offer includes pepper gases of various capacities and concentrations. From tiny containers that we can clip to our keys, for example, to large cylinders dedicated to uniformed service personnel. Whether spraying a cloud or in gel form, the effectiveness of each version is guaranteed. For ladies, we also have on offer incapacitating gases in containers pretending to be lipstick or other cosmetics.

Important!!! Using tear gas in self-defense is not considered to exceed the limits of necessary defense, and the shock to which the attacker is subjected does not cause permanent injuries.

Don't skimp on your safety, choose proven defensive gases available in our store!

Pepper Spray: Why It's Your Ultimate Self-Defense Tool?

Why Opt for Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is not only an effective self-defense tool, but it also ensures security in unpredictable situations. In today's world, where uncertainty and threats may lurk around the corner, being prepared is of paramount importance. With it, you can feel more confident during evening strolls, while traveling, or even when returning home after dark. Many individuals who have encountered perilous situations attest that possessing pepper spray instilled a sense of control.

What are the Benefits of Having Pepper Spray?

1. Effectiveness: A single short burst can incapacitate an assailant for several minutes, affording you precious time to flee or seek assistance.

2. Safety: Pepper spray does not cause lasting harm, signifying a humane means of defense. This implies that by defending yourself, you do not expose the assailant to enduring health consequences.

3. Portability: Small containers can fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack. They are lightweight and compact, ensuring you can carry them at all times.

4. Legality: In Poland, possessing pepper spray is entirely legal for adults, rendering it a readily accessible self-defense tool for anyone.

How Does Pepper Spray Operate?

The key component of pepper spray is capsaicin, a substance derived from chili peppers that induces intense burning sensations and irritates the eyes. When the spray makes contact with the assailant's eyes, it triggers immediate tearing, burning, and temporary blindness. Despite its potent effects, capsaicin does not damage tissues and rapidly dissipates, meaning that symptoms subside after a certain period.

How to Choose the Best Pepper Spray?

When selecting pepper spray, it is advisable to consider several key aspects:

- Potency: Parameters such as OC, MC, and SHU determine the strength of the spray. Higher values denote greater defensive potential.

- Form: Sprays in the form of clouds, streams, gels, or foams are tailored to different situations. For instance, gel-formulated spray minimizes the risk of dispersion in the wind.

- Range: Some sprays have a longer reach, enabling defense from a safe distance before the assailant approaches.

Is Pepper Spray Effective Against Animals?

Yes, pepper spray can be used to deter aggressive animals, such as dogs or wild creatures. However, it is advisable to choose sprays specifically designed for animal defense, as they are adapted to their specific reactions.

Effectively Defending Yourself with Pepper Spray

To maximize the potential of pepper spray:

1. Keep it readily accessible at all times.

2. Practice its use regularly to act instinctively in threatening situations.

3. After using the spray, immediately retreat and seek assistance. Pepper spray provides a time advantage but does not substitute the need for emergency support.

Why Do Law Enforcement Agencies Utilize Pepper Spray?

Police and other law enforcement agencies often opt for pepper spray due to its efficacy, ease of use, and absence of lasting side effects on the apprehended individual. It is a tool that enables swift and effective intervention while simultaneously minimizing the risk of harm to the detained person.


Pepper spray is not only a self-defense tool but primarily a guarantee of your safety. With it, you can feel more secure in every situation and effectively protect yourself from threats. In a world filled with unpredictability, having something that provides you an advantage and a sense of security is invaluable.

Don't Wait! Ensure Your Safety Today! Choose pepper spray and feel more confident every day!

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